Sales Team Operations Management Software

Tour Programs Workflow

  • Tour Program Submission with an estimate of expenses.
  • Manager Review and Approval
  • Expense Monitoring – alerts if expenses overshoot a set periodic limit
  • Dealer Visit report – Visit mapped with comment and GIS location
  • Tour Report Submission with GIS Integration
  • Tour Expenses Submission and Reimbursement Workflow
  • Dashboards for Expenses , Visits

Dealer Order Workflow for Sales Team

Dealer Collections

  • Sales executive receives a cheque from a dealer, inputs in system uploading a photo /jpeg
  • Collections and Order Data available to Branch, Region, HO on a real-time basis
  • Greater Visibility to Collections and Orders across the sales and Operations team.
  • MIS and Real-Time Dashboards

    Available on Web and Mobile



Key Additional Features

Order Workflow :

  • Order Self Submission for Dealers through Company order Form available on Web/Mobile
  • Workflow for approval and acknowledgment
  • Manager review for substitution on SKUs
  • Manager Modification of Quantity
  • Manager Credit assessment before approval.
  • Alert to Dealer on Order Acceptance
  • Workflow for dispatch of an order
  • Alert the dealer on dispatch
  • Full Catalog available as pdf to dealer
  • SKU change alert
  • Scheme Notifications
  • Dealer MIS on Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly /Yearly Basis as email
  • Stock Level, Receipt, and Issue Dashboards for Branch.


  • Sales Executive Activity and Tour Programs
  • Dealer Visits
  • VIP Dealer Priority Visit mapping
  • Travel and Other expenses
  • Collections in real-time
  • Ordering : Dealer/SKU/Sales per Exec/Branch /RO
  • Ordering: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarter/Cumulative every day etc
  • Customised to meet Client requirement
  • Sales Personnel Performance assessment

Alerts and Notifications

  • Alerts on Stock Availability on a real-time basis
  • Alerts on price changes
  • Alerts of Incoming Stocks
  • Alerts on Despatch
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Order Approval
  • Material dispatch
  • Alerts of Pricing
  • Alerts on schemes
  • Alerts on Credit positions
  • Alerts on new SKUs
  • Alerts on Company news and press releases
  • Customize Alerts as per User need

vSales and vSales Pro

Business and Management Benefits

  • CEO Friendly : Increases business efficiency and Productivity.
  • Enables direct contact with the dealer through alerts and emails. Critical in Covid
  • Reduces communication costs, as main communication is carried out via email.
  • Provides MIS Reports for Top Level management helps in taking Policy decisions
  • Lowers total cost of ownership – No additional investment on hardware and licenses.
  • Single solution for Sales and Dealer Operations Management
  • Standardize business processes
  • Easy to use and run: NO IT Skills needed . Easy and Quick Implementation
  • NOCODE application : No coding needed .

Operational Benefits

  • Easy and Simple Comprehensive Order and Collection Process
  • Digital Transformation at the root level : in Covid Sales Team physical visits are minimized and both dealer and sales executive productivity increases.
  • Removes Errors: An order on the phone/visit can have mistakes in order like brand variation, quantity variation, etc.
  • Efficient order and customer management
  • Enhance customer-company relationship by providing end to end Dealer Operational and Contact
  • Map sales and dealer activity and generate real time MIS dashboard
  • Notifications and Alerts : System generated notifications via email to make order execution faster and ensure information flow
  • Reduces delays with real time activity MIS available across the Company
  • Customizable Reports, Alerts and dashboards
  • Control Transaction Business Process
  • Better sales forecasting & business analysis
  • Better analysis of dealer offtake and trends
  • Close coordination between sales and production
  • Increased Productivity and ROI
  • Full Alert and Notification Capability

vSales and vSalesPro

Your One-Stop Operations Platform

  • Ready to go – Quick and Rapid Deployment
  • Easy to use : Replaces Pen and Paper and emails
  • User Configurable reports and dashboards
  • No local hardware or software licenses required.
  • Multiple devices compatible
  • Inclusive of all hosting and 300GB Data Storage
  • Utility to export data in multiple formats like Excel , PDF, CSV etc.
  • Utility for batch uploads through Excel
  • Offline mode ( for low or no connectivity areas)
  • Fully on cloud and Mobile
  • Fully Secure with 256Bit AES Encryption
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services-AWS with full DR and Load Balancing
  • 24x7x365 availability with 99.99% uptime
  • Scalable on demand
  • Built on Veoci : A Gartner Magic Quadrant Product.